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The education your child receives through primary school, from nursery to Year 6, lays the foundations for a life long journey of learning and discovery. The more this process can be added to by introducing exciting ideas and concepts into the school, the more your child will learn without realising that is what they are doing.

That is why Friends of Cawood School fundamentally exist! They seek to develop fund raising initiatives that allow the school to offer your child the chance to experience additional activities that enhance what they do in the classroom as well as providing equipment and play things to stimulate their imagination and let them try out new things.

In the past, Friends have contributed funds to a wide range of things such as:

 – school trips, including supporting the annual residential visit 
– visitors into school who bring interactive activities that support classroom learning
– buying books for the library, toys for the playground, equipment for the classrooms
– supporting the ongoing building work within School and enhancing the learning environment


SO…There are a number of ways you can get involved.

 – Become an active member of the committee, attending monthly meetings in a specific capacity to discuss fundraising activity and generate interest in forthcoming events.

 – Become a “class group representative” with the aim that you will act as a liaison between the committee and the other parents by communicating over fundraising activity, ideas, offering suggestions, etc. Commitment wise this will be attending the committee meetings which take place roughly once a month.

 – Register yourself as a “Willing Helper” – the mainstay of all our fundraising activity willing helpers are those people without whom our activities simply would not happen. Can you help at the Disco? Bake a cake for the cake stall? Manage a stand at the Fun-day? Sell a few raffle tickets at Christmas? – If you can let us know so we can include you when we are planning our activity.

If you would like to get involved you would be very welcome. Please speak with Sally Benson (Chairperson), Roxanne Hawkin (Secretary), KatyWoodmason (Treasurer). Contact details are available in school.